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"Because your reality should dazzle as brightly as your dreams."

With a well-rounded style of playing, BruceTheViolinist professionally sets the mood with breath-taking melodies that offers a truly immersive experience, making your special occasion one you will cherish forever

Music is a powerful gift in that it has the ability to transcend boundaries and evoke the deepest and purest of emotion. As a musician, there is absolutely nothing more fulfilling than creating a passionate experience in which those emotions are shared with my audience.


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"5-star service and heartfelt melodies that will take your breath away."

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"A few touching testimonials..."

"When I first heard Bruce, I immediately looked into finding more of his work, became an instant fan, and followed his social media pages! This young man is so talented, but most of all, he is God-fearing and humble. His gift touches the hearts of many, and I'm so blessed to know him and listen to his music"

Cynthia - Savannah, GA 

"Bruce holds the gift of music in his hand and heart. From the instrument being placed beneath his chin to the first stroke of the bow, Bruce will take you on a musical adventure that you will not be ready for and cause emotions deep within to be awakened." 

Mayo Clinic - Phoenix, AZ

"Bruce is an amazing talented young man using his God-given gift to enhance memories being made by people all over. I can vouch for his upstanding character, integrity, sincerity, quality, etc. He has a sound like no other; you will not be disappointed."

Sirvirther - D'Iberville, MS

"The Man behind the Music..."


While raised primarily in Gulfport, MS, I was born June 1, 1995 in Chicago, IL, resulting in a perfect blend of metropolitan flare and southern charm. With 19 years of experience as a violinist, I am a seasoned and versatile entrepreneur and musician of Phoenix, AZ.

In addition to creating music, I use my professional platform to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE others to reach their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. I'm driven by the hope that I have for the growth and development of everyday people.

In order to connect with and largely INFLUENCE everyday people worldwide, I've created a Facebook music page on which I publish music and motivational content for my supporters. Additionally, I offer Facebook Live performances weekly at 7pm CST, during which I intermittently render soothing music, share words of motivation and ENCOURAGEMENT, and appreciate my supporters with giveaways and merchandise from my ever-growing online store. 


This window of time is set aside weekly as an opportunity for people to step away from the negativity of social media and join a personable environment where POSITIVE ENERGY and motivation is generated and transferred freely throughout those present.

If you're interested in joining this uplifting community, then click the Facebook link below and "Like" our page! 

Bruce Kirkwood

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